We offer highest prices for gold rings, diamond rings, mismatched rings, scrap rigs, college rings, designer rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, platinum rings, palladium rings etc.


You Decide

Love our offer? There is no obligation to sell your rings or your jewelry with us. At any point of time, you can claim your property back. We even don't ask you for a reason and we also pay for shipping back.

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Sell & Support Nature

When you sell rings or other pre-owned jewelry, you also protect our environment. The diamond's ring you probably sell makes another diamond recovery from mother earths crust probably needless. And if you sell a scrap gold ring, your bring back gold into the recycling cycle helping to reduce gold mining causing sometimes severe damage.

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Emergency Service

There are situations in life where speed is essential. Unexpected bills, medical care or other emergencies can make it necessary to have funds availed as soon as possible. We offer a service called “emergency-selling” making it possible to get paid in 24h after shipping your rings or jewelry.

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Our experts take every single ring very serious and put most attention on the evaluation process. A scrap gold ring is as much as important to us as a 5 carat diamond ring. Finally, we always ensure that you get paid the highest possible price.

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Maria leads or fine jewelry and gemstone department.

Maria is the head of jewelry and gemstones department. She is in crazy love with diamonds and colored stones.


Besides rings, you can sell any gold or fine jewelry wit us.

Fine jewelry, diamond jewelry, scrap gold, damaged or mismatched jewelry and even designer jewelry are welcomed.


Alan is our manager and head of the precious metal department.

Alan ensures, using high-tech equipment, that your jewelry will NOT get damaged checking your jewelry for authenticity.


We work as a team ensuring you the best possible selling result. is a team of experts and our managers and employees call all shots together. Team decisions are most important.

  • Many people have questions when it comes to sell an engagement ring or a diamond ring. First and most important is the question "How much can I get paid" and how works the evaluation process.


    Jewelry Expert

  • Damaged rings or outdated rings are still valuable. Don’t just think that something looking unattractive to you has no value. Gold, platinum and palladium rings are highly interesting for selling with us.


    Gold Expert

  • We are happy to accept any designer rings. Both, little valuable rings and big bucks worth rings are accepted for selling with us. We have a tremendous knowledge about any designer brands.


    Jewelry Expert

  • Many people don’t know much about the current value of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. We provide knowledge about the current precious metal values making it easy to understand pricing.


    Precious Metal Expert

  • Antique rings can be extremely valuable if they are rare or made from a special goldsmith. It’s all about decoding markings to find out who and where a ring was created. Do you own a treasure? We’ll find it out.


    Jewelry Expert

August 29, 2017

Divorces responsible for millions of pre-owned gold rings

It’s probably interesting to learn that divorces are besides heritages one of the most important sources for pre-owned jewelry. Number of marriages: 2,140, 272 Marriage